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DeCurtis Design works with a trusted network of skilled tradespersons and accredited engineers and draftspersons to create outstanding design in projects ranging in size from single rooms to large scale buildings. Over 14 years it has established a impeccable reputation for fine design.

“Creativity and beauty are the essence of who I am.”

Lorenzo DeCurtis, owner and principal of DeCurtis Design, creates beautiful spaces –homes where those who live there feel the resonance of design and function. The DeCurtis team has been responsible for homes and spaces from Florida to Toronto where he is based.

Inspiration?  He’s a lover of Frank Lloyd Wright, and influences from Art Déco to Italian Modern and Rocco.  His own home is a design and architectural gem in Toronto, a recreation of a Georgian townhouse in the 21stcentury.


“I’ve been creative my whole life,” he says. “I was in the fashion and beauty industry and changed to have a profession where I could express my creativity in timeless ways, that affect people’s lives on a daily basis.”

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